Examples of common sources of cross connection hazards are listed below (this is not intended to be a complete list):

Agriculture/Farming Operations/Processing Facilities  ·  Air Conditioning Cooling Towers  ·  Aircraft Modification and Storage Facilities  ·  Airports and Airlines  ·  Apartments, Condominiums, (Bidets, Cooling Towers, Chillers, Boilers, Laundry Machines, Pools, Blow Offs)  ·  Asphalt Plants  ·  Aspirators  ·  Auto Garages  ·  Autoclaves and Sanitizers  ·  Automotive Dealers/Plants  ·  Automotive Radiator Shops Automotive Paint, Body Repair Facilities  ·  Automotive Repair Facilities  ·  Autopsy Facilities  ·  Baking Facility  ·  Beauty Salon, Barber Shops, Beauty Parlors, Beauty and Baber Schools  ·  Blood/Plasma Collection Facilities  ·  Breweries  ·  Butchers  ·  Car Wash  ·  Car and Truck Wash Facilities including Detail Services  ·  Cellar drains of the water ejector type (Water Powered)  ·  Cemetery (Excluding Office Facilities)  ·  Chemical Plants (Processing, Manufacturing, Compounding, Treatment)  ·  Chemical Storage Facilities Church/Religious Facilities (Baptisteries and Kitchens)  ·  Coin/Card-Operated Laundries  ·  Community Facilities  ·  Compressed Gas Handling and Storage Facilities  ·  Concrete Mixing Plants  ·  Convenience Stores (with Gasoline and Food Facilities)  ·  Crime Laboratories  ·  Day Care Facilities (with Food Processing)  ·  Dental Facilities/Laboratories/Buddy Systems  ·  Doctors’ Offices and Clinics  ·  Dry Cleaners (Commercial, excluding Drop off Facilities)  ·  Embalming  ·  Equipment using Water Producing Pressure  ·  Exterminating Companies  ·  Facilities using Water in Manufacturing/Processing  ·  Farms and Feedlot Operations/Hog Farm  ·  Fertilizers Plants, (Liquid and Spray Distributors)  ·  Film Processing Facilities (including One Hour Processing)  ·  Food and Beverage Processing Facilities  ·  Fire Sprinkler Systems  ·  Fuel/Oil Handling or Processing Facilities  ·  Funeral Homes/Parlors, Morgues and Mortuaries  ·  Gardening/Horticulture, Composting  ·  Gas Stations (and/or Mini Marts with Soda Dispensing Machines or Coffee Lines)  ·  Grease Traps/Sewage Ejectors/Degreasing Equipment/ Garbage Grinders  ·  Grocery Stores (Raw Meat and Hazardous Waste Processing or Storage Facilities  ·  Health Care Facilities/Dockside Facilities  Health Clubs, Fitness Centers and Spas  ·  Heat Exchangers/Solar Heating System  ·  Home Improvement Stores  ·  Hospitals, Dialysis Centers  ·  Hotels and Motels  ·  Ice Processing and/or Manufacturing Facilities  ·  Incineration Facilities  ·  Irrigation Systems (Planting, Agricultural and Lawn)  ·  Jails and Penal Institutions  ·  Kennels and Pet Facilities (Animal Hospitals and Clinics)  ·  Laboratories and Research Facilities (Industrial, Commercial, Medical Research Schools/Colleges)  ·  Laundries/Laundromats (Commercial, excluding Drop off Facilities)  ·  Livestock and Animal Holding Facilities  ·  Lumber Yards/Processing Facilities  ·  Meat Markets and/or Meat Processing Facilities  ·  Medical Facilities/Offices/Labs (that administer medication), Plasma Centers  ·  Metal Manufacturing, Plating Etching, Anodizing, Passivation or Pickling Plants  ·  Mobile Homes (Trailers)/RV Parks or Campgrounds  ·  Nail Salon  ·  Nursery, Shrubbery or Garden Centers and Greenhouses  ·  Nursing Homes/Convalescent (Rehabilitation) Homes  ·  Paper and Paper Product Plants  ·  Pesticides, Weedicides, Herbicides, Distributors, Processors, Applicators  ·  Pharmacy/Drug Store  ·  Petroleum Processing and Storage Plants  ·  Poultry Operations  ·  Power Plants (Electrical Facilities)  ·  Premises with Industrial Piping Systems or Auxiliary Water Supplies/Restricted Inspections  ·  Printing Facilities (Excluding Copy Centers)  ·  Private Wells  ·  Propane, Butane Gas Handling Facility  ·  Radioactive Material Plants and Handling Facilities  ·  Railroad Yards  ·  Rain Water (Capture and Use) Systems  ·  Recreational Areas (Swimming Pools/Water Slides/Flume)  ·  Restaurants (all types), and Food Handlers  ·  Retirement/Assisted Living Centers  ·  Sand and/or Gravel Processing Plants  ·  Schools with Athletics Facilities, Labs, Kitchen, Pool, Spas  ·  Shopping Centers/Malls//Strip Malls  ·  Soda Dispensing Machine (Vending Machine)  ·  Stable for Horses/Dockside Farm  ·  Steel Processing Facilities  ·  Storage Facilities with Hazardous Materials/Scrap  ·  Supermarkets  ·  Swimming Pools (Including Multi-Tenant Facilities), Ponds and Fountains and Water Slides/Bath House  ·  Tattoo/Piercing Parlors  ·  Taxidermist  ·  Urinals (Siphon jet blowout), Trough Urinals  ·  Vending Machines  ·  Vegetable Processing Facilities  ·  Veterinary Clinics/Offices/Labs  ·  Waterhouse Facilities with hazardous materials (Toxic Chemicals, etc.)  ·  Zoos  

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1. I received a letter saying my annual backflow test is due. What do I need to do?
2. Why are backflow preventers tested annually?
3. Do Backflow Testers work for City of Alamogordo Utilities Department?
4. How do I know if I need to install a backflow preventer?
5. What is backflow?
6. What is a cross connection?
7. What causes backflow?
8. How does City of Alamogordo Water System prevent backflow?
9. What can I do to protect my home plumbing system from backflow?
10. What is the backflow administration fee?
11. A backflow preventer was already installed when I moved into this commercial space, but I don't think I need it. What should I do?
12. I'm a renter, why did I receive a letter about the backflow preventer?
13. I received a letter saying I need to install a backflow preventer. How do I do that?
14. Examples of common sources of cross connection hazards are listed below (this is not intended to be a complete list):